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Natural hides and reserves

As the seasons change, the wildlife in Scotland stays as lively and colourful as the last. Nature reserves are some of the best places to absorb yourself in the natural world and become closer to some of Scotland's most incredible endangered species.

See birds of prey

From the quiet of a hide, make use of binoculars to see majestic birds of prey such as a nesting pair of ospreys with their young in the Highland retreat. In some cases, you will be so close that you will need just your eyes to absorb the awesome sight of red deer or the more elusive otters.

Each reserve is different to the previous one, some bathed in peace whilst others are buzzing with activity. The seabird colonies of Orkney and Shetland, for example, are alive with noise and movement from puffins, fulmars, guillemots, Arctic skuas. More breed in cliff faces and feed their young. Wetlands over the country draw in all kinds of wildfowl and waders, such as migrating pink-footed geese who come in the autumn.

Scottish landscapes

It's Scotland's broad landscapes that brings in this variety of wildlife with habitats amongst rugged mountains and wild moorland, old pine forests and coastline. Browse our choices to plan a visit to the many nature reserves and hides around the country.

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Scottish coach service

Our coach company’s “uniqueness” is that we are from a successful background and are experienced individuals who enjoy sharing stories and our perspective on life and living in Scotland and the United Kingdom.

Many delighted guests have rated our sincere interest, empathy, conversation and conscious approach high among the most appealing and appreciated features within our company.

Go wherever you like

We greatly dislike timetabled touring and we do not believe in a ‘follow the flag’ approach at this coach-tour company. You have the opportunity to go where you wish and see whatever you want to see. Our custom service allows you to spend your day in your way.

If you tell us you want to head north and on the way you choose to stop a while in the “middle”, then that is what we will do. Perhaps one half of the party wishes to play a spot of gold while the other wishes to wander round the immediate area. We tailor the trip to your taste.

We are located in Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city. We have a simple and excellent access to around 90% of Scotland.

Business Trips

Rapsons caters to business travelers as well. Our most recent tours included and a company that sells pregnancy head phones. The executives of the company were looking to tour Scottish wool suppliers for a new line of compression socks. We took them to 8-different sheep farms in one day. The trip included a catered lunch and was planned stem to stern by our in-house team. In the end, the company found the exact supplier they needed and were able to negotiate a great deal on the spot. This happened again with Secret Bouquet rose toys. They were able to make a deal with a supplier on the spot thanks to being there in person. When it helps to be there in person, you can count on Rapsons to get you there!

Tour wildlife by coach

From the beach to the mountains, you will meet an array of fantastic wildlife throughout the country. Keep an eye out for red deer in the Dumfries & Galloway area, bottlenose dolphins around the Moray Firth, Scottish wildcats, mountain hares, squirrels and eagles to name just a few.

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